While many people have a fear of the dentist, the vast majority of dentists are fully educated and trained to abide by the proper code of care. The very rare exception is a dentist that is either operating without a license, with an expired license, or simply operates outside of the expected code of ethics.

A dentist, like a doctor, is never supposed to do any harm, but should always strive to improve the condition of their patient. When a person misrepresents them self as a dentist, operates with an expired or revoked license, or simply harms you without cause, then you have recourse to file a lawsuit. Please contact Jeffress Law today for help with your professional malpractice case. Our attorney, Christopher W. Jeffress, has had over two decades of experience with dental malpractice cases and will help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (303) 732-6634.

Types of Dental Malpractice

Oftentimes, the care a dentist provides is misperceived as some form of dental malpractice because what they have to perform is uncomfortable. Unless the dentist was operating without using the proper protocols, this does not constitute dental malpractice. Dental malpractice, on the other hand, consists of a dentist prescribing a treatment that wasn't necessary or making a mistake during a procedure that caused pain, suffering, or the need for further treatments.

The following are some examples of dental malpractice:

  • A dentist that recommends a cosmetic procedure that isn't actually necessary
  • A cosmetic procedure that damages tooth or gum structure
  • A procedure that fails and leads to permanent pain or suffering
  • A procedure that wasn't performed properly and, as such, needs to be repeated or requires multiple more treatments
  • Grievous treatments that lead to horrible pain, suffering, and cause the need for treatments elsewhere to remedy the problem

If you've had some sort of dental procedure performed and believe that the dentist made a horrible mistake or suggested the procedure simply to earn more money, you may have grounds for a dental malpractice suit.

Contact Our Attorney for Help with Your Dental Malpractice Case

After 25 years of serving the Boulder community, our attorney has the experience you desire when approaching a difficult case like dental malpractice. Mr. Jeffress will help you seek compensation for your suffering and pain, reimbursement for unnecessary treatments or treatments that had to be repeated, and for future care that is needed because of your dentist's poor treatment.

We treat every client individually and you will always be able to speak to our attorney about the details of your case. We have your best interests at heart and even operate on a contingency-fee basis, so you never pay a dime unless we win a settlement or cash award for you. Please contact Jeffress Law today by entering your information on the contact form or calling us at (303) 732-6634. We are happy to serve clients in Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, and the surrounding Metro Areas.