When you seek help from a physician, you have the expectation that they will help you and not cause you further harm. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of times that a doctor makes a mistake which leads to horrible medical injury, suffering, and even death.

Sometimes, a doctor commits medical malpractice because they delay diagnosing you or make a mistake when they diagnose you. When this happens, the wrong treatments may be prescribed, the wrong drugs may be given to you, and your health may suffer horribly. This kind of mistreatment is considered a failure to diagnose and is a form of medical malpractice.

For help with your medical malpractice case, you need to contact an experienced attorney that can help you seek compensation. Christopher W. Jeffress of Jeffress Law has 25 years of experience representing the injured in all sorts of personal injury cases, including medical malpractice cases. Please don’t hesitate to contact him today for a free case review. Call us at (303) 732-6634.

We Represent Those Suffering from Medical Malpractice

When you place your trust in a physician or a surgeon, you are expecting them to uphold their oath which states to “do no harm.” When a doctor doesn’t take the proper amount of time to diagnose you or is otherwise negligent in your diagnosis, you have legal rights to seek compensation. Failure to diagnose can occur because of any of the following:

  • Doctor doesn’t perform a thorough examination
  • Doctor doesn’t order the proper tests or enough tests
  • Doctor misses an identifier that would have helped diagnose you
  • Doctor diagnoses you with a condition that you do not have
  • Doctor prescribes drugs for a condition that you do not have

Seek Help from Our Attorney

When you suffer because of a physician’s mistakes, you need to seek help from an attorney that understands how to approach these types of cases. At Jeffress Law, Mr. Jeffress is our sole lawyer. He prides himself in thoroughly investigating every single case and making all of his clients his priority. You will never be treated like a number and will be given the care that you need. He will help you seek financial restitution for your suffering, injuries, medical expenses, and rehabilitation.

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