I was taking a walk when an unapologetic, broke, careless driver hit me from behind, and I suffered from a severe traumatic brain injury. My dad talked to a few lawyers, but was hesitant when they were looking for a high percentage of the settlement from the insurance company. When I heard a highly respected review from my speech therapist on how Chris Jeffress helped many people in a fair manner, I had to meet him myself.

I felt and now know that I truly had one of the best lawyers that you can find. Without a doubt I can say that he is a genuine person who is trying to make a positive impact. When you talk to him, you can tell that he cares about helping you. If you have any questions he answers them, and he ensures that you are aware of everything you need to know. He is extremely prompt and wants to attend to your case as soon as possible. It can be seen that he is well respected by the insurance companies, and they know that he is doing the best for his clients. His paralegal, Barbara, is a really sweet person who greets you warmly when you come through the door. With that said, you will have an amazing duo to work on your case.  I can never thank them enough for what an incredible burden they lifted from off my shoulders. 


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for not only helping us settle this lawsuit, but more importantly aiding us in putting this terrible accident behind us.

When I came to you, Chris, I was not in a good shape.  I was shaken up by the accident and angry about how I was being treated.  Your calm demeanor immediately made me feel better.  In addition, you and your staff took this, and left me to just sit back and watch how it all worked.  Before when I was involved, I advanced nowhere leaving me feeling, not only distraught about the accident, but angry at the system that would not let me see justice.

Please know, that your work, led to my family moving forward and for that I cannot express how grateful I feel.


I was extremely satisfied with Jeffress Law. My case was handled well with very little stress on my end. In a situation where you have to deal with multiple insurance companies and doctor visits, having someone who knows that they're doing is a huge relief! My settlement process was smooth and I felt as though I was represented fairly and accurately.

Thank you Jeffress Law!


Chris was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time in my life.

After my car accident, I was dealing with chronic pain, numerous medical procedures, accident-related bills, emotional stress and an under insured, under aged driver.

Chris was supportive and persistent through my multiple physicians and providers in attempts to relieve my pain and return to a normal life. Chris was thorough and communicative with physicians and other professionals as he handled the details of my complex case.

Chris provided honest, knowledgeable counsel to me about my options and the probable outcomes, without any pressure. He walked me through the processes of deposition and arbitration, answering all my questions, no matter how trivial.

I was truly grateful to Chris and I felt I could trust his guidance in a difficult legal situation.

As a result of my personal experience with Chris Jeffress, I do not hesitate to refer friends and family for his services.


Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for Chris's help throughout my 4.5-year insurance settlement case. After suffering an mTBI from an auto accident, I was left with numerous bills, ongoing medical issues and very little support to guide me in what to do next. Chris not only provided that guidance but also removed so much of the stress I had associated with the insurance case. From the very first meeting I felt I was in good hands, he listened to me and heard me, always taking the time to answer all of my questions (I had a ton!). My plate was so full trying to heal and get better, that having a trusted attorney by my side made a tremendous difference.

As the years went on, the importance of Chris's role became more and more vital - I could NOT have done this without him. He proved to not only be a competent lawyer, but also a friend who I felt I could count on. During the final weeks of our case, Chris fought especially hard for me and always respected my input. We were able to successfully settle our case out of court for a sum that allowed me to pay off all my debt and start over. They say hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I’m clear working with Chris was one of my best decisions!

Thank you!