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Professional Malpractice Attorney

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Any time that you seek help from a professional, you deserve to have the expectation that they will treat you according to their oaths and not take advantage of you. Unfortunately, with a position of authority, there are many professionals that abuse their oaths and will not provide you with the treatment you deserve.

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When this occurs, it is considered professional malpractice and our attorney can help you seek restitution for your suffering. For help with your case, please contact Jeffress Law today for a free case review.

Our attorney, Christopher W. Jeffress, has 25 years of experience representing those in need and will help you and your family get the care and coverage you deserve. Call us at 303.993.8685.

Professional malpractice can occur any time that someone you trust and pay for their services abuse their power and either mistreat you or misrepresent you. 

Legal Malpractice

When you’ve suffered because of any type of accident, you may seek legal representation for help with your case. Perhaps, you dialed the first attorney that you heard on the radio or witnessed on the television. However, fast-forward a few months, and you’ve realized that those large, cookie-cutter firms may not actually provide the type of individualized service that you truly need.

There’s nothing worse than hiring an attorney to take care of your case and having them do a poor job, leaving you without compensation and lost as to how to proceed. You expect your lawyer to know your case inside-and-out and to handle it appropriately, but they’ve failed.

When this occurs, you need to hire another lawyer to properly investigate and litigate your professional malpractice case. In this situation, this is when Jeffress Law is the clear choice. Our attorney, Christopher W. Jeffress, will never treat you like a number; you are his number one priority. Mr. Jeffress prides himself in taking a personal interest in every single client and their case. Not only will he help you seek the proper compensation in your original personal injury case, but can help you file an additional lawsuit against your original attorney for legal malpractice.

If you’ve taken your case to another attorney and they let you down, it is very possible that they are guilty of legal malpractice. This can be because your attorney didn’t take the time to truly get to know your case and be prepared, but can also be because of any of the following:

  • Lack of information about your case
  • Missed deadlines
  • Didn’t follow professional guidelines
  • Didn’t have your best interests at heart
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Whenever your attorney fails you because they didn’t put in the sufficient amount of work or simply dropped the ball by missing court deadlines and filing deadlines, you have rights against them.

Contact Our Attorney

Mr. Jeffress always gets personally involved with his clients. He will take the time to understand how your injury affected your life, your job, and your family. He will hire investigators, seek police reports, gather witness statements, and find evidence that your previous attorney missed. Using this, he will help you with your original case. Then, he will help you seek compensation from your original lawyer that let you down.

You can trust that Mr. Jeffress will make you’re a priority and that you will always receive attention from him and his paralegal. When you’re in need of help, please contact Jeffress Law today for a free case review. You can fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 303.993.8685. We serve clients in Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, and the surrounding areas.

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