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Chris Jeffress

Chris Jeffress

Christopher W. Jeffress has been practicing law since 1991 when he began his career as a lawyer in a large firm in Chicago, Illinois. He primarily represented insurance companies and large corporations defending against personal injury claims. He soon realized that it was the victims of other's negligence who needed his representation. He moved to Colorado and focused his practice on the representation of people injured as a result of another's wrongful conduct.


Gregori Csintalan

Attorney Gregori Csintalan is a passionate advocate for his clients. He believes victims of injury deserve full and fair compensation. He will not stop fighting until the best possible outcome has been obtained.

Mr. Csintalan grew up in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He earned a full scholarship to the University of Central Florida, where he received his Bachelor Degree in English. After graduation, he went on to receive his Juris Doctor from the University of Colorado Law School. His academic achievements include selection for the Dean's List.

Molly Jeffress

Molly Jeffress

Molly Jeffress, a Colorado native, is an experienced Paralegal and Criminologist who has dedicated her career to helping victims in Colorado. She launched her career at the Tennyson Center for Children as a Youth Treatment Counselor and teacher . She later continued her education by obtaining her M.S. in Criminology from Regis University. In addition to managing the office at Jeffress Law, Molly is the firm investigator and Paralegal, assisting the attorneys with all aspects of cases from inception to trial. In addition to her 15 years as a paralegal, Molly volunteers for the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office as an On-Scene Victim’s Advocate. Her volunteer experience brings extra compassion and expertise to her work with the clients of Jeffress Law. Molly’s skills include everything from document organization to running the firm’s focus groups that drive the development of case strategy. Molly continues her legal education through coursework on the latest trends in jury research to ensure a successful outcome for clients amid changing times.

Molly’s passion for writing is evident in her Capstone, “Examining the Deterrent Effect of Armed Police and Security in Schools: An Analysis of the Circumstances Surrounding the Decisions by Students and Adults to Commit Mass Attacks on Schools in the U.S. from 1996 to 2018,” which has been selected for citation in an upcoming book about situation awareness and active killer countermeasures.

Traci Cullen

Traci Cullen

Ms. Cullen has worked in nearly all areas of the legal field since 2002: as a Paralegal, Litigation Specialist, and Jury Trial Consultant. A University of Virginia graduate, Traci has accrued over 200 hours of continuing legal education classes in Colorado. She concentrates her efforts on jury selection methodology, witness preparation, creating visual trial exhibits, and developing an overall trial strategy that demonstrates her clients’ harms and losses.  Traci’s experience conducting focus groups as well as writing voir dire, opening statements, and closing arguments contributes to favorable verdicts for Jeffress Law’s clients. She has second chaired dozens of jury trials in Colorado leading to multiple significant verdicts for victims in Colorado. For over 15 years, Traci has attended annual courses to understand the complex and dynamic area of subrogation of ERISA employee benefit plans; She routinely educates other law firms throughout Colorado on this subject. Her expertise helps greatly reduce the amount of money the firms’ clients pay back to billion-dollar health insurance corporations. Traci is a member of Trial by Woman.

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Penny Lane

Penny Lane is Jeffress Law’s client support dog. When she isn’t enjoying long naps on Chris’ office floor, she loves meeting new people – wiggling, greeting, and kissing our new, existing, and the former clients that drop by. She is a soothing and comforting presence for the clients of Jeffress Law. She is waiting patiently by our door to greet you.


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