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Sharing the road with buses presents an inherent risk because a bus is so large and may be holding so many passengers. Buses' size and weight makes it more difficult for them to maneuver and brake as quickly or effectively as smaller vehicles. This can mean that they are more likely to cause or be involved in accidents and, because of how many passengers they may be carrying, their accidents can lead to a multitude of injuries.

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Bus accidents can occur because of a variety of causes, but if you were involved in one and believe it was due to the negligence of the bus driver or bus company, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Please contact Christopher W. Jeffress of Jeffress Law today for help with your case. Mr. Jeffress can draw upon his 25 years of experience with personal injury lawsuits in order to seek the maximum compensation for you and your family. Contact us today for a free case review by calling 303-993-8685.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

An accident involving a bus may occur because of the negligence on the part of the car it collides with, however, if it occurs because of negligence on the part of the bus driver or bus company, then all those involved may have recourse to file a lawsuit. Bus accidents commonly occur because of the following:

  • Drunk driving by the bus driver
  • Bus driver falls asleep
  • Bus driver not obeying street signs, speed limits, and other laws or regulations
  • Bus fails because it has not been properly maintained
  • Bus driver is driving while distracted by technology or anything else

Justice for Bus Accident Victims in Boulder, CO

A victim of a bus accident may include those that were on board the bus, those that were hit by the bus, and those that were involved in subsequent automobile accidents due to the bus accident. Because of this, these can be very large cases and require an attorney that can efficiently and effectively represent multitudes of people without it being a problem.

Choose Jeffress Law To Represent Your Bus Accident Case

Our attorney, Mr. Jeffress began his career representing multiple people that were injured in dangerous drug cases. He utilizes this experience to help him with large bus accident cases that require a lot of investigation. Mr. Jeffress will seek police reports, witness statements, car accident investigators' reports, and any other information that he can gather in order to help with your case.

According to the Denver Post, traffic accidents in Colorado in 2023 led to 716 deaths in 2023. Bus accidents can occur in areas of high traffic, and most recently, a school bus accident led to the injury of four students.

There are many factors that can play a part in the true cause of a bus accident. While distracted driving is a common cause of car accidents, with bus accidents, it can be different.

Causes for bus accidents can range anywhere from bad weather to bus company negligence. Other causes of bus accidents can include the following:

  • Failure to keep up with bus maintenance
  • Dangerous roads
  • Weather conditions
  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Bus company negligence
  • Driver error
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Bus fires
  • Mechanical issues
  • Blind spots
  • Disruptive passengers or children
  • Driver negligence
  • Defective parts
  • Road hazards
  • Vehicle defects
  • Failure to follow set traffic rules

While there are many factors that can have an influence over the total settlement from your bus accident case, the average bus accident settlement can reach up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Getting the facts right about your bus accident will be a crucial step in determining the overall settlement. The seriousness of your injuries, location, and specific circumstances can also affect the amount you can receive. The team at Jeffress Law, PC will work to make sure your settlement remains a fair amount for the accident you experienced.

Sadly, many bus accidents often involve school buses that transport hundreds of young children to school and back home each day. If a child is injured in a bus accident, possible parties that will be liable for the accident can include the bus driver and school district, the vehicle manufacturer, other motorists involved in the collision, and the agencies responsible for maintaining the roads.

On average, a bus accident lawsuit may take anywhere from several months to a few years to resolve. However, the team at Jeffress Law, PC will do the best we can to ensure your settlement happens in a timely manner. How long your bus accident claim takes will depend on the complexity of the case, the facts that can be proven, and how willing the parties involved are to settle.

An accident is genuinely unpredictable, and in the case of driving on the road, that unpredictability can lead to even injury and, sadly, death. However, there are a few things you can do to avoid bus accidents. These things include:

  • Keep a safe following distance if you are driving behind buses.
  • Be patient around buses, especially when passengers are getting on and off buses in the bus lane.
  • Obey the bus stop signs as they are dropping off children from school.
  • Drive the appropriate speed limit in school zones or in areas where children and buses are present.
  • Avoid buses completely and walk with your child to school.
  • Drive in your own car rather than taking the bus.
  • If you have to take a bus, be attentive on the bus ride. Avoid talking, texting, or eating while riding the bus. While your bus driver should pay careful attention to the road, it won’t hurt to pay attention yourself.

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