Boulder Bike Safety: Laws to Remember

Boulder is a bike-friendly community with over 300 miles of lanes and paths set aside for bicycle travel. To prevent accidents on these bikeways — as well as in areas not specifically designated for bicycle use — there are some local rules and regulations that everyone must follow. Here is a brief overview of the laws in our city:

  • Speed limits: When entering a crosswalk, cyclists must be traveling at a speed of 8 mph or less. It is particularly important to keep this rule in mind because most bicycle-vehicle collisions occur at crosswalks and intersections. When riding on a multi-use path, the speed limit for cyclists is 15 mph, unless signed otherwise.
  • Equipment: Cyclists need to be aware of their surroundings at all times so that they can notice and respond to potential risks. For that reason, it is against the law to wear earbuds or headphones while biking. But drivers need to be aware of cyclists, too — and that is why cyclists must equip their bikes with front and rear lights when riding after dusk.
  • Yielding: Cyclists must yield to pedestrians. Meanwhile, motorists must yield to cyclists. Despite this law, cyclists are often forced to give up their right of way to negligent and reckless drivers. This regular occurrence is both frustrating and dangerous.
  • Where to ride: It is legal to ride bikes on all streets in Boulder, as well as in bike lanes, on multi-use paths, and on sidewalks outside of dismount zones. No bikes are allowed on Pearl Street Mall. Bicycling on sidewalks is allowed in specific areas of the city. However, it can be dangerous, as motorists often fail to look for cyclists entering or exiting sidewalks.
  • Dealing with an accident: If you get in an accident, you must stop, help anyone who is injured, and identify yourself. In an emergency, you are required to notify the police immediately by calling 9-1-1. Yet all too often, motorists strike cyclists and then flee the scene of the accident.

Can I Recover Compensation After an Accident If I Broke the Law?

Getting hit by a car while biking is a scary and overwhelming experience. If you were riding too fast, riding without proper equipment, or otherwise breaking the law at the time of the crash, the whole ordeal can become even more stressful.

That is because you may be worried that your actions will limit your ability to get the money that you need for your injuries. The good news is that you may still be able to recover compensation. Contact our Boulder bicycle accident attorney to learn about your options.

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