Brain injury statistics in the USThe suffering caused by a brain injury is rivaled by nearly no other type of injury. While some brain injuries may cause symptoms and struggles that only the injured person is aware of, many brain injuries cause life-long problems that may require extensive care.

A brain injury occurs any time the brain is affected by any type of trauma, and can even include something as seemingly simple as a concussion. At Jeffress Law, our personal injury attorney, Christopher W. Jeffress, understands how scary and difficult a brain injury may be and can strive to attain financial restitution for your suffering. Please contact us today for a free case review by calling 303-993-8685.

Compensation for Brain Injuries

A brain injury can be caused by a variety of accidents, but will almost always have long-term or even life-long consequences. Brain injuries can occur because of any of the following:

When you suffer a brain injury, the hardest part is knowing that it may affect every part of your life and the repercussions may not be reversible. Our attorney has had over 25 years of experience helping with brain injury cases and knows a lot of the best places for treatment in the Boulder area. He can help you get coverage from your insurance company and the negligent party’s insurance company to ensure that you have the care that you require.

Mr. Jeffress understands that sometimes brain injuries can make even simple tasks seem daunting and, as such, will tailor his meetings and his care to you. This might mean that you need to have your meetings in a darker room or a room that is mostly silent because your senses were affected by the brain injury. This is never a problem, and Mr. Jeffress will do everything in his power to make sure that you are comfortable.

Our Attorney Can Help with Your Brain Injury Case

Mr. Jeffress will take the time to understand the major ways that your brain injury has affected you, which could include long-term care or even having to relearn everything from walking to eating. He also will invest his time to learn about your “invisible injuries,” which are very common in brain injuries. While others might not notice it, you may not feel the same. You may struggle with basic activities or processes, get confused easily, or struggle with speech or daily tasks.


These are important for Mr. Jeffress to understand so he can take all of this information to your insurance company and get you the coverage you truly need. He will strive to seek compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Prescriptions
  • Emotional suffering and distress
  • Speech, physical, and occupational therapies
  • Insurance claims
  • Loss of employment/benefits

When you are in need of help after a brain injury, Jeffress Law is the clear choice. We will offer you personalized representation and help you get coverage for the superior care that you deserve. Contact us today so we can help you bring justice to the negligent party and get your life back on track. Please fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 303-993-8685. We humbly serve clients in the Boulder, Longmont, and Broomfield areas. Get directions to our Boulder area law office from Google Maps!