Do I Have a Case for a Defective Medical Product?

The,Hard,Work,Of,An,Asian,Lawyer,In,A,Lawyer's When you have a medical procedure, such as a hip repair or replacement, you expect a fully functioning medical product. Any product that replaces part of your body or is inserted into your body to alleviate pain or other symptoms is a medical product. When these are defective, it can make your condition worse or pose other complications. Here are some signs to look for if you believe you have a defective medical product.

Signs of a Defective Medical Product

The signs depend on the product, but in general, may include:

  • Severe pain weeks, months, or even years after you have the medical device implanted.
  • Bleeding from damaged tendons, muscles, and tissue surrounding the implantation site.
  • Impaired mobility after recovery. Common mobility issues include difficulty moving the hip or knee after a replacement or repair.
  • A recalled medical device. Always watch for recalls, even if you don’t feel pain from your medical device, as it could be causing problems without you realizing it.

Examples of medical products that can be defective include hernia meshes and pelvic meshes, dialysis filters, and shoulder pain pumps, to name a few. Some defects include design flaws, negligence, manufacturing defects, improper labeling, failing to warn consumers, and intentionally concealing information from consumers and healthcare professionals.

What To Do if You Believe a Medical Device Is Defective

If you feel additional pain or have bleeding from a medical device, tell your doctor and contact a defective medical product lawyer in Boulder, CO. Your doctor should do the appropriate tests to determine if the product is defective.

Even if your doctor replaces the device, you could be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.

If your doctor states that there is nothing wrong with the device and you feel there is, always seek a second opinion and contact a defective medical product attorney for assistance in determining whether your device is defective and to help protect your rights.

Where To Find a Defective Medical Product Lawyer in Boulder, CO

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