How to Prevent Injury Working Outdoors In Winter: A Guide for Boulder Area Construction Workers

A,Group,Of,Construction,Workers,Leveling,Concrete,At,A,Construction Even in warmer weather, construction jobs can be dangerous, and employers and workers should follow safety standards and regulations. Working outdoors becomes even more hazardous in the winter when harsh weather conditions and low light are common. Learn more about how construction firms can take additional steps to prevent on-site construction accidents in the winter.

What Types of Construction Accidents Are Common in Winter?

The types of workplace accidents that become more likely in the winter include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls on wet, icy, or snowy outdoor surfaces, like paths or car parks.
  • Falls from a height, such as slippery ladders or scaffolding.
  • Frostbite, hypothermia, or cold stress caused by exposure to cold temperatures.
  • Machinery accidents are caused by using equipment in unsuitable conditions.
  • Injuries or accidents caused by materials becoming more brittle or slippery in bad weather.

What Are the Recommended Measures To Prevent Construction Accidents in the Winter?

Steps to prevent winter-related construction accidents and personal injury on-site include:

Dress Warmly

Dress in warm, dry, layered clothing, and wear gloves, hats, and boots with good grip. Your employer should provide you with safety equipment suitable for winter working on-site.

Keep Work Areas Clear

Clear the work areas of wet leaves, mud, ice, and snow. If the temperature is freezing, apply salt or sand to improve traction in outdoor areas and prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Ensure There Is Sufficient Lighting

Provide adequate lighting and signage for workers and visitors to the site, especially if the area is dark or slippery.

Inspect Equipment Regularly

Inspect and maintain equipment and tools. Avoid using them if extreme temperatures or wet and windy conditions make operating machinery unsafe.

Allow Workers Regular Breaks

Take regular breaks from the cold in a heated and sheltered area and warm up with hot beverages.

These measures help guard against some dangers of working outdoors in the winter. Simple steps can prevent injuries to construction workers in our communities from cold exposure or workplace accidents like slips, trips, and falls, machinery accidents, or falls from a height.

What Do I Do If I’ve Suffered Personal Injury From A Construction Accident?

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