Top Causes of Car Accidents in Colorado

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traffic i 70 From the Rocky Mountains to the plains, Colorado has it all when it comes to road conditions and traffic. Many car accidents occur daily along the Front Range Urban Corridor, ranging from minor fender benders to deadly wrecks. With a high volume of commuters, the number of motorists on the road is one of the main sources of crashes in Boulder. Read below to learn about the other common causes and what you may be able to do to reduce your risk.


1. Distracted driving

We’ve all seen it: a driver at a stop light gazing down at the phone on their lap. Perhaps you’ve even been that driver. And you’ve probably seen motorists blatantly looking at their phone screens while their vehicles are in motion.

Texting and other types of distraction are major causes of car accidents and injuries in Colorado. Some of the most common distractions are:

  • Reading or sending a text
  • Talking on a phone
  • Eating and drinking
  • Adjusting the stereo or navigation
  • Daydreaming, thinking about work, planning your day in your head, etc.
  • Staring at things happening outside your window, off the street

Distracted driving causes an average of 43 car crashes every day in Colorado. In 2018, 53 fatalities involved a distracted driver in our state. In terms of who was causing these crashes, all age groups get cited for distracted driving, but the largest percentage of at-fault motorists in Colorado distracted driving crashes were age 21-30, at 29.7 percent of crashes. They were followed by the group of drivers age 31-40, at 17.9 percent of accidents, and drivers 20 and under at 15.7 percent.

2. Speeding

Speeding makes it more difficult to control your vehicle and dramatically reduces the time you have to react to unexpected braking and hazards on the road in front of you. If you have to make a sudden evasive maneuver, speeding makes it more likely your vehicle will lose traction or flip.

In Colorado, exceeding safe and lawful speeds is a frequent cause of auto accidents involving fatality and injury.

3. Drunk driving

winter highway About 60 impaired drivers are arrested each day in Colorado. Drunk driving is a frequent cause of auto accidents, and they can be deadly accidents. Call police if you think you’ve spotted a drunk driver. Do your part to never drive inebriated – take an Uber, Lyft, taxi, light rail or bus if you plan to have a night out that involves alcohol.

4. Road rage and aggressive driving

Following too closely, lane violations, failing to yield right of way, blowing through stop signs and driving on the wrong side of the road – these aggressive and reckless behaviors are a common cause of crashes in our state.

In the busy Front Range region, commuters are always in a hurry to get to and from work, to get into the mountains on the weekend, and generally to drive to the gorgeous destinations across our state. This can lead to frustration, impatience and anger because of traffic congestion. Build extra time into your schedule, to accommodate Colorado’s busy roadways.

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