What Evidence Should I Preserve After a Car Accident?

Top view of car insurance claim form with car key and calculator on wooden desk 300x200 1 Car accidents can be a traumatizing event, especially if injuries are involved. While it is essential to gather information from all parties involved in an accident for insurance purposes, it is also crucial to gather needed evidence to provide information to your car accident lawyer on how the accident occurred and how it affects you. 

What Is Adequate Evidence From the Scene of an Accident?

After ensuring all parties involved in an accident are okay and calling for a paramedic for anyone injured, you should contact the police to have a report filed. Having a police report filed during the accident will determine which driver is at fault. 

In addition to gathering phone numbers, insurance information, and driver’s license numbers, be sure to ask if any of the parties involved were driving for their employers at the time of the accident. If so, collect the employer’s name and contact information. 

Next, preserve evidence after your car accident. Be sure to take plenty of photographs of the damage to your vehicle and the entire accident scene. Take note of skid marks, positions of lights and signs, and vehicle debris.

What Evidence Is Needed For Damages?

When there is damage to a vehicle, collect all quotes for repairs. In addition, if the vehicle was totaled, document all recent additions such as tire replacements, engine components, or any other additions that have increased the value of your vehicle. 

One of the most important things to document is the extent of personal injury. You should carefully document any diagnostics, treatments, and medications. Keep your doctors informed about the situation and keep track of all payments, records, and referrals. 

How Do I Get Compensation For Damages?

Jeffress Law is local to the Boulder area and handles each case with the utmost care and consideration. Mr. Jeffress started his career representing insurance companies, so he has extensive knowledge of how insurance companies handle car accident claims. Jeffress Law can represent various vehicle accident claims, even if the parties involved have no insurance to cover costs. 

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