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Who is Liable for Injuries on a Ski Lift?

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have you been injured while skiing A woman and her two daughters fell out of a chairlift at Granby Ranch at the end of December, injuring the children and killing the mother. A man at Arapaho Basin narrowly avoided a similar fate when freed from a dangling backpack strap by a professional rip-liner at the beginning of January. These stories are making headlines across the nation and add to several others – some tragic, some heroic – that occur every year in Colorado’s Ski Country. But what happens when you are injured at a ski resort? Who can be held liable for your damages?

As with any accident, several factors can go into those that occur at a ski resort – and those factors will play a direct role in who can be held liable for damages. While there are many things that can come into play when someone is injured on or off the slopes, Boulder ski accident attorney Christopher Jeffress knows how to determine where fault should lie. By conducting a thorough investigation into your skiing or snowboarding injury, Attorney Jeffress can identify all liable parties and hold each of them accountable for any and all damages you have suffered.

Liability for accidents at ski resorts can be difficult to determine on your own. With the help of our experienced and dedicated Colorado ski and snowboard accident lawyer, we can hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their negligence and help you secure the full compensation you deserve.

To schedule a free consultation at our Boulder, Colorado office, please contact Jeffress Law today. Attorney Jeffress serves Boulder County and all surrounding areas of Colorado.


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