The fall season in Colorado is unpredictable. Hot summer temperatures can drop suddenly, and wintry storms may roll in without much notice. Colorado autumns are also chock-full of sunny, clear, warm days. It’s days like these that are ideal for hitting the road on your motorcycle.

Given the variable weather the next few months, injury attorney and motorcycle enthusiast Chris Jeffress provides a few basic riding and safety tips below, plus recommendations for favorite fall rides. To learn more about his Boulder law firm and how he helps injured motorcycle riders pursue maximum compensation, please call him at 303.993.8685.

Autumn Motorcycle Basics

Stay warm. Especially if you’re traveling into the mountains, you can expect cold temps, much colder than Denver and Boulder. Plus, you’ll feel even more cold because of the wind chill. You don’t want to overheat, but you also don’t want to be so cold that your mind and dexterity is affected. The answer is to layer up so you can add or remove layers as needed.

motorcycle colorado highway Protect your hands and feet. Your hands need to be warm and dexterous. You don’t want your fingers to freeze up on you. Wear gloves for sure, but not gloves that are so thick that they make your hands clumsy. There are also heated gloves and heated grips that you may want to look into. Make sure you’re wearing good quality boots to keep your feet protected from the elements.

Keep your insurance up to date. While some bikers let their insurance policy lapse over the winter because they don’t plan to ride, this generally is not a good idea unless you really plan not to get on your bike. If there’s a chance of a clear January day when you get the motorcycle out of storage, then keep your policy active. There’s always a risk of a crash, and lack of insurance will make the whole situation much worse.

Check the forecast, and road conditions if there was a recent storm. It’s always good to be prepared with the right gear and the right mindset. If there’s a chance of a winter storm, stay home. It won’t be worth the risk.

Beware of gravel. Before a snow storm, Colorado roads get salt and gravel treatments. This material poses challengers for bikers. Slow down if you believe you are about to encounter these conditions. You won’t have as good of handling or control when traveling over gravel.

Protect your head and eyes. A helmet could save your life in the event of a motorcycle accident. Choose one equipped with a face mask or purchase a pair of riding goggles – eye protection is essential in wind, rain and snow.

Keep your motorcycle in proper working order. A well-maintained motorcycle will be more dependable on the road and should perform within expectations, all of which may help you avoid accidents with other vehicles or because of roadway hazards.

Best Colorado Autumn Rides

colorado million dollar highway 1 With golden leaves on display this time of year, here are some of our favorite rides:

  • Kebler Pass
  • Boreas Pass
  • Kenosha Pass
  • Squaw Pass
  • Peak-to-Peak Highway
  • Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic Historic Byway

Colorado has seemingly endless opportunities to see and experience the great outdoors. People travel from across the country to see our section of the Rocky Mountains in full autumn grandeur. It’s a great time to ride.

What To Do if You’ve Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Attorney Chris Jeffress fights passionately on behalf of injured motorcycle riders in Boulder and Northern Colorado. An avid biker himself, he understands the hazards motorcycle riders encounter year-round. If the crash that injured you was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may be able to pursue maximum compensation in a claim handled by Chris. For a complimentary consultation, please call his Boulder law firm at 303.993.8685.