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distracted driver Like all states, Colorado has its own traffic regulations related to texting and use of an electronic device while driving:

  • Texting, emailing or any other data input/transmission on your device while you are driving is against the law
  • Drivers under 18 may not use a cell phone for any purpose while driving

On June 1, 2017, Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law Senate Bill 17-027, which increases fines for texting while driving to $300 for each offense. Previously, fines were $50 for a first offense and $100 for a second offense. It also increases penalties from one point assessed against a driver’s license to four points for each offense.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation:

  • 15,574 auto accidents in Colorado in 2015 involved distracted driving
  • 68 traffic fatalities in Colorado in 2015 involved distracted driving

Driving distractions continue to be a major problem in our state, as you can see from these statistics. Anything that takes your attention away from the task of driving can be categorized as a distraction; however, texting while driving is of particular concern because it takes your hands, eyes and attention away from driving all at once.

When a distracted driver causes a crash, the distracted driving is not always obvious to responding police officers. In other cases, it is quite plain to see that the motorist who caused the wreck was texting or distracted in some other way.

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