How Does a Slip and Fall Case Work?

You know that you could be entitled to compensation for your slip and fall accident. What you might not know, however, is how long it will take or what will actually happen during the lawsuit. 

While every situation is different, here are the steps involved in a typical premises liability claim:

  • Complaint/ summons: Certain documents must be filed at the beginning of a lawsuit. The complaint or petition usually comes first. It identifies the parties involved, summarizes your claims, and outlines your desired outcome. The summons comes next. It notifies the recipient of the lawsuit and gives them a deadline to respond.
  • Answer to the complaint: The defendant then responds to the complaint with a document called an answer. In it, the defendant will admit or deny each allegation. Typically, the answer is due within 20 days of being served with the complaint.
  • Discovery: During this phase, the parties involved will attempt to learn as much as they possibly can about the case. Discovery takes anywhere from several months to several years. Pre-trial motions may be filed to resolve issues or accomplish goals at this time.
  • Mediation: It is often beneficial to resolve a lawsuit without going to trial. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and settlement conferences can be valuable in helping the parties come to a satisfactory agreement during discovery.
  • Trial: If the matter cannot be resolved, then the case will go to trial. Often, slip and fall cases wrap up within two to five days, though they can also take longer than that.
  • Collecting judgment: If you are awarded monetary damages, you will need to collect them. Our attorneys will be ready and willing to assist you with your collection efforts.

Slip and fall claims can be complicated. Let us do the hard work, whether that be negotiating with the insurance company or fighting for you in court, so you can focus on getting better.

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