National Cellphone Courtesy Month

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driving while distracted July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month, giving us all a reminder to reassess how we use not just cellphones, but all technology while driving. As a start, this month can help remind us to silence our cellphones or turn them off completely while driving. Cellphone use has been identified as a leading cause of distracted driving – and texting plays only a small role in that. Any cellphone use, including hands-free cellphone use, increases the risk of causing a car accident. Protect yourself and those you share the road with by pledging to keep your phone out of sight and mind when your attention is needed for the more pressing task of operating a vehicle.

As individuals, we tend to believe that we are exceptions to the rule. Sure, cellphone use is a leading cause of car accidents, but certainly that doesn’t apply to you, right? Wrong. And dangerously so.

Cellphone use, including the simple act of talking on one, is the primary cause of a quarter of all serious and fatal car accidents in Colorado. That means that every time you or anyone else is on a cellphone, everyone else in close proximity is in danger. You can do your part to reduce risks by refusing to use your phone while driving, but you cannot make others behave as responsibly. If you are injured by a driver who is using a cellphone, Boulder car accident attorney Christopher Jeffress can help you get justice.

This Cellphone Courtesy Month, do your part to protect yourself and others by putting your phone down while you drive. If you are injured by a negligent driver this month or any other, please contact Jeffress Law online or by calling (303) 732-9934 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about your rights.


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